Rhino University Coming Soon!

It is with great excitement that Kids with Destiny prepares to launch Rhino University, coming soon to help children from sick and disadvantaged background.

Caring for India’s children has always been at the heart of our programs. We began addressing their greatest needs over 50 years ago with a daily feeding program for poor families and through quality primary and secondary schools. A general hospital soon followed that today provides free treatment to children suffering from cleft lips and palates, thalassemia, and leukemia. Yet there is more to be done. Thousands of children from disadvantaged backgrounds still do not have access to quality education. These include children living in the slums, red light districts, impoverished rural villages, and even those in the hospital who cannot regularly attend a formal school setting.

Beginning in 2010, Kids with Destiny purposed to do something great for these children by building an online learning platform, accessible in any location with an Internet connection and a computer. The platform, named Rhino University, provides a robust, quality education through online lesson plans, interactive games, entertainment, and one-on-one mentoring support. Please check back soon for a virtual glimpse inside the platform.